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Who Benefits?



Whole Communities

  • All our Children by having their own personal reading material suitable for their reading age
  • Our less literate Children by having support to bring their reading skills up to or close to that of their peers
  • Our Families by improving communications and earning expectancy and by building a basis for family reading
  • Our Schools by being able to move the students on faster and with less disruption and a reduction in truancy
  • Our businesses by having a larger pool of literate young people coming onto the job market
  • Our Youth Organisations by being able to reach out and develop healthy activity with more young people
  • Our Support Services by reducing the deprivation levels and low health and wellbeing in the area
  • Our Environment by improving behavioural standards
  • Our Diverse Population by improving tolerance and understanding of our various backgrounds and beliefs
  • Our Older People by removing fear and providing more support
  • Our Economy by raising earning potential and less reliance on social support
  • WHOLE COMMUNITIES by building a new generation of responsible citizens and making our area a respected and valued place to be
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